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Brilliant: Dinah Fried cooks and photographs meals from beloved booksMoby-Dick (above), Little Women, The Catcher in the Rye, Lolita, and more:

Reading and eating are natural companions, and they’ve got a lot in common. Reading is consumption. Eating is consumption. Both are comforting, nourishing, restorative, relaxing, and mostly enjoyable. They can energize you or put you to sleep. Heavy books and heavy meals both require a period of intense digestion. Just as reading great novels can transport you to another time and place, meals — good and bad ones alike — can conjure scenes very far away from your kitchen table. Some of my favorite meals convey stories of origin and tradition; as a voracious reader, I devour my favorite books.

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You coming, Castle? something we’d hear in a very different setting if this were on HBO (via beckettshooha)

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Buzzfeed Quiz Alert: Which Jimmy Fallon Are You?

You were totally done doing any work for the rest of the day anyway, so here’s a fun quiz to play with. Definitely curious to see which you guys get!

Reblog and share your results!  

I got Dancing Jimmy!

I got Camper Jimmy! :)

I got ragtime jimmy

I got joking bad Jimmy but there were so many boxes I wanted to choose!

Dancing Jimmy!

I got Denise Fallon

Dancing Jimmy!

I’ve travelled every way possible, and I’ve learned you need only two things (besides good health): some time and money.


Here is what I learned from 40 years of traveling: Of the two modes, it is far better to have more time than money.

When you have abundant time you can get closer to core of a place. You can hang around and see what really happens. You can meet a wider variety of people. You can slow down until the hour that the secret vault is opened. You have enough time to learn some new words, to understand what the real prices are, to wait out the weather, to get to that place that takes a week in a jeep.

Money is an attempt to buy time, but it rarely is able to buy any of the above.

Kevin Kelly explores why more time is better than more money in a beautiful meditation on travel.

Complement with some advice on travel and life from Founding Father Benjamin Rush, then learn how to worry less about money and why time gets warped while we’re on vacation

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Nine and Moriarty dressed as John Lennon and Paul McCartney, everybody go home.

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